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This Dutch website is here to solve all your travel needs.

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Departing from New York?

Paperflies / Via has already gathered 300.000 likes on FB and is ready to take on the world.

While being a mayor hit in the Netherlands, Paperflies is starting to collect recognition from around the globe.

If you know where you need to go, just use it as any other travel site. If you don't? No problem! Go to the 'inspire' page and type in where you're departing from and your budget is they'll do the rest.

LONDON to IBIZA for $22? That has to be a scam...

Nope! It's legit. So I tested it out, looking for a return flight from Amsterdam to LA. I payed $300 in total for my round trip, and no, I didn't have to fly to Russia first.

So I say, WORTH IT!

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