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6 Costumes You'll See Too Many Times On Halloween 2016

A list of costumes that are bound to be worn by too many party-goers on Halloween 2016.

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1. Harley Quinn


Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn in this year's Suicide Squad has all girls thinking they can be fun but crazy at the same time. Although most will not be able to pull off the look as well as Margot Robbie did, many will try.

2. Harambe

New York Magazine

The tragic story of Harambe the gorilla has been glorified by college students across the country. It seems everything that any "frat guy" does was done for Harambe. On Halloween night 2016, there will not be a shortage of gorilla suits running around "doing it for Harambe."

3. Clowns


With the whole creepy clown thing happening around the country, it is probably not smart to dress as a clown. That being said, many will dress as clowns to mock this "creepy clown" phenomenon. The scary part is, the "real" clowns will most likely also be out.

4. Donald Trump and/or Hillary Clinton

News Week

Being an election year, the Presidential nominees will definitely be portrayed on Halloween night. They've been nice enough to give us plenty of scandals and attitudes to base costumes on. Every Trump/Clinton costume may not be the same, but they will definitely be out there.

5. Netflix and Chill


For those who missed out on the Netflix and Chill fad last year, they will want to catch up this year. The last minute party-goers who procrastinated their costume planning will resort to last year's break-out costume. It works stag or in couples!

6. Cat


Also a last minute costume, but one that has stood the test of time. All those girls who want to be sexy but simple usually resort to the cat costume. Every party on Halloween is guaranteed to have plenty of cat costumes roaming around.

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