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Mass Shootings Canada Vs USA

Mass shooting from last 25 years in Canada compared to the US.

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First off, what is a mass shooting? Of course we all know its a shooting where multiple people were killed, but how many deaths make a mass shooting? Well An FBI crime classification report from 2005 identifies an individual as a mass murderer if he kills four or more people in a single incident (not including himself), typically in a single location. So we will be comparing mass shooting of 4 or more deaths, excluding the perp from the last 25 years.


Concordia University massacre

Date: August 24, 1992

Death Toll: 4

La Loche shootings

Date: January 22, 2016

Death Toll: 4

2014 Edmonton killings

Date: December 29, 2014

Death Toll: 8


I was going to type it out like I did with Canada until I realized how many there have been. See when I was looking it up all the news cites said like 10, but then I realized it was the most deadliest ones, which means they're not counting the ones with just 4 or 8 people. So for obvious reason I wasn't going to type each one, instead I was going to just copy and past until I saw that not a single website had all of the mass shootings actually listed, but I did find one that was close except it was from 1986-2016 instead of the 25 years we are looking at and it included shooting where 3 people were killed and even that list didn't really have them all, copy this here to see the list: So how can America really address their gun violence problem if they're not ready to reveal or agree on how many mass shootings have taken lives in simply the last 25 years?

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