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35 Growing Up Jewish Tweets That Got Way Too Real

"But, you don't look Jewish?"

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1. Things said by your parents on a regular basis.

"What am I, chopped liver?" #growingupjewish

2. The sheer terror of driving with your Bubbie.


3. And then when you get inside.

"ARE YOU HUNGRY???!!!?? YOU HAVENT EATEN IN 20 MINUTES SO YOU MUST BE STARVING" -every Jewish grandmother #growingupjewish

4. OK fine I'm a little hungry.


5. They may live in Florida but they can coordinate grandchildren across the country.

#GrowingUpJewish grandparents trying to set you up with their friends' grandsons

6. So much hard candy.

#GrowingUpJewish "They're my grandchildren, I can spoil them." Bubbie drops a feed bag of candy.

7. Figuring out if you have mutual friends.

#GrowingUpJewish "which sleepaway camp did you go to?"


8. This response when people find out you're Jewish.

#growingupjewish "but you don't look Jewish"

9. So much of this.

#GrowingUpJewish you're Jewish?! *looks at nose & sees that it's not big* You don't look Jewish

10. Sorry you couldn't tell?

#growingupjewish "you don't look Jewish so you can't be Jewish." Oops I'm sorry, I left my Horns at home..

11. Getting asked this all the time.

"So do you still celebrate Christmas?" #GrowingUpJewish

12. Nope.

#growingupjewish "so like... is Hanukkah jewish christmas?"


13. Nope nope nope.

#GrowingUpJewish ...wait, you don't celebrate Christmas?

14. Out of tiny cups.

#growingupjewish manischewitz was the first think you got drunk off of

15. This question.

#GrowingUpJewish you speak Jewish??!?

16. No.

#GrowingUpJewish "wait speak Jewish for me"

17. Challah back, girl.

#GrowingUpJewish people were saying “hola” and the only thing you were thinking of was


18. Naturally.

#GrowingUpJewish mentioning a Jewish celebrity and following it with "did you know they're Jewish?"

19. Every time.

RT "@Evanmott: #GrowingUpJewish when they start talking about the holocaust in class "

20. Every holiday summed up.

#growingupjewish During every holiday: "they tried to kill us. We survived. Let's eat"

21. This.

#GrowingUpJewish having this on vhs

22. Put on your yarmulke, it's time for Chanukah!


23. And then you get a dry cracker to start.

#GrowingUpJewish waiting for the food in the Seder like

24. Yep.

#GrowingUpJewish never having off school for your most important holidays

25. Jewish. Moms.

#GrowingUpJewish ur moms face when u tell her the boy u like is Jewish and a doctor

26. Well, is she?

#GrowingUpJewish Me: Mom I have a girlfriend. Mom: Is she Jewish?

27. Regardless of sexual preference you still get asked this.

#GrowingUpJewish when I came out to my mom, she made it clear that this did not exempt me from marrying a Jew

28. Thanks, Ma. -_-

When your mom reminds you to bring a raincoat cause it might rain...and you're 30 years old #GrowingUpJewish

29. All the fluids.

30. Still alive!

#GrowingUpJewish if i didn't call my mom within 5 minutes of her calling me she literally thought i was dead

31. LOX.

#GrowingUpJewish bagels, lox, white fish, cucumbers, assorted cream cheeses... just your typical family brunch

32. So much hair.

#GrowingUpJewish this saved your life

33. 30 minutes to three hour goodbyes.

The 30 minute Jewish goodbyes after dinner #GrowingUpJewish

34. ...No.

#GrowingUpJewish " so do you like hate Jesus "

35. *Rubs temples.*

#GrowingUpJewish "so you don't believe in God?"


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