What A Gender-Swapped "Harry Potter" Would Really Look Like

If “Hermione” had been “Herman,” instead of being thought of as a “know-it-all,” Herman would have been known as whip-smart and ambitious.

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Many fans have thought about how the Harry Potter series would be different if the genders were swapped.

Let's take a look of how it could have been different with a few select characters. For the sake of consistency, the character being described is the only one whose gender was swapped in that theoretical world.

Harry Potter vs. Harriet Potter

If "Harry Potter" were "Harriet Potter," I think it's safe to say a lot would be different. Most notably, Snape probably wouldn't have been so cruel to Harriet, assuming she would look just like his unrequited love, Lily Potter. Also, Draco's bullying may have taken a different route, focusing more on Harriet's looks than her skills. I could see Draco yelling something along the lines of "Couldn't find enough makeup to cover that hideous scar, Potter? Gross."

We also wouldn't get to learn as much throughout the series about witches as we may have if Harriet Potter were the main character. It would have been nice to know the differences between the way Muggle women are treated in the Muggle world versus witches in the wizarding world (although the fact that it's always referred to as the "wizarding world" and not the "witching world" is very telling in itself).

Hermione Granger vs. Herman Granger

If "Hermione" had been "Herman," various parts of the book would be different. For one, instead of being thought of as a "know-it-all," Herman's teachers and fellow classmates would have just thought of him as whip-smart and ambitious.

Herman wouldn't have had to prove his worth by doing double the work Harry and Ron did just to be considered useful to their adventures.

To be honest, if Hermione was a male, the book may have read more like this.

Ron Weasley vs. Ronnie Weasley

If "Ron" had been "Ronnie," instead of being a little goofy he would have been seen as an "airhead." Growing up with only older brothers, Ronnie would be considered a "tomboy." Draco and his lackeys may have catcalled her and made fun of her lack of nice clothes.

Also, she would probably be more aggressive in Quidditch than Ron, because she would feel the need to prove herself more. This would have actually made her a better player than Ron was and she would get on the Gryffindor team in her first year.

Draco Malfoy vs. Drae Malfoy

If "Draco" had been "Drae" instead of being a whiny bully, Lucius and Narcissa's kid would be seen as a "spoiled bitch."

Growing up in an affluent neighborhood where appearances were overemphasized ("never too rich or skinny"), Drae may have developed an eating disorder. In this scenario, Drae would be so obsessed with her weight that she wouldn't give a second thought to Harry Potter. By fourth year, she would be too thin and weak to work for Voldemort — but she'd still be in just as much physical danger as if she had been.

Cho Chang Vs. Bo Chang

If "Cho" had been "Bo" he would have asked Harry to the ball before Cedric had a chance to ask him, because why would he wait to go after the one he wants? Also, he may not have been chosen to be put in the lake for the triwizard tournament because he wouldn't fit the damsel in distress image.

Severus Snape vs. Sevla Snape

If "Severus" had been "Sevla," a few things would be different. But she would still be in love with Lily Potter because love isn't dependent on gender.

"Sevla," unfortunately, would probably be thought of as a "frigid bitch."

She may have stayed friends with Lily Potter because James wouldn't have been as threatened by them hanging out — which would have changed the whole course of her life.

Voldemort vs. Voldemorticia

"Voldmorticia" would have had to be 500 times more of a bad bitch than "Voldermort" ever was to get to the place of power he did. People would question her powers nonstop, and gaining followers would be way harder. The Daily Prophet would wonder, "Why is Voldmorticia STILL single and childless?" Everyone would question her motives, because why would a woman be power hungry?

Gender-swapped Harry Potter would be a very complicated and interesting read.

Let's hope J.K. Rowling honors us with her thoughts on this someday.

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