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    These Stunning Food Illustrations Look Good Enough To Eat

    WARNING: You may accidentally try to eat your screen.

    Artist Kendyll Hillegas is an expert food illustrator and we can't get over how good her art is.

    Using watercolor, colored pencil, gouache, acrylic and ink she makes these delicious creations.

    Kendyll tells us, "A small piece usually takes around three hours, while larger more complex ones can take closer to 10, or even longer."

    They're definitely worth the time and effort — look how perfect and shiny this strawberry is.

    And this apple fritter.

    These animal cookies look like they could be picked up.

    This fruit tart is not. a. photgraph.

    This Challah is perfection.

    She also draws gorgeous fruit.

    And stunning veggies.

    Some coffee with that drawing?

    And this crazy dense fudge brownie that's inspiring on so many levels.

    You can watch her full process below and learn more about her work here.

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