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The Ultimate Ranking Of Cuddling Positions

Try these cuddle positions tonight.

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9. The "Butt Buddies"

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed

This position is ranked as the least desirable. It usually occurs after many nights of sleeping next to each other – when you don't necessarily feel like cuddling but the light touch of your partner's butt is comforting because then you know they're there.

8. The "Drunken Mess"

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed

This position occurs when you come home drunk and pass out on each other. While the positioning might be super romantic you might not remember it very well...which is not so romantic.

7. The "Fetal Hug"

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed

This position involves one person doing the yoga move "child's pose" over the other. This can be a lovely position to feel each other's heartbeats, but it's not comfortable enough to sleep in or watch a whole movie while doing.

6. The "Baby Koala"

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed

This position involves one person clinging to their partner's back like a baby koala. While it might be fun it's just plain unsexy...much like a baby koala.


5. The "Sleeping Otters"

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed

This position is based on the fact that otters hold hands while sleeping so as not to lose each other in the water. This position is highly underrated and great for super hot summer nights when you want to be touching but it's too hot to full-on cuddle. Floating into sleep like otters on a river is very sweet indeed.

4. The "Eye to Eye"

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This is a super romantic position, because you face each other and can look into each other's eyes *sigh*. The only problem is it means a lot of breath in your face, which is fine sometimes but not an easy way to sleep.

3. The "Chest Pillow"

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed

This position is a classic, one person uses the other's chest as a pillow. It's a lovely way to sleep, chill or watch a movie. It's also great if you ate too much and are gassy from dinner because neither of your butts are facing each other.

2. The "Classic Spoons"

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed

Aaah, the classic spoon. This will always be a great cuddling position. Whether you're the big spoon or the little spoon, both parties get to feel the cuddly effects. Also great for sleeping and/or TV watching.

1. The "Titanic Tangle"

Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed

The "Titanic Tangle" is ranked as the ultimate position. In this position you cling to each other as though you are going down in the Titanic and these are your last moments together before being swallowed up by an icy sea. You don't know where one of you ends and the other begins. It's by far the most romantic of all the cuddling positions.