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Tell Us Your Patronus And We'll Illustrate It

Dementors are no match for your powers.

UPDATE: The flipped version of this post is LIVE. You can view the magical results here.

In the wizarding world a patronus takes the shape of an animal you have a deep connection to.

So we want to know what your patronus would be. Maybe it would be a stag, like Harry's.

Or maybe you don't want it to be an animal at all, but actually your favorite Golden Girl, Betty White.

Or perhaps a cupcake?

Maybe you know it would definitely be Whoopi Goldberg.

Or your favorite animated character, like Frozen's Olaf.

Or maybe you're sure Ron Swanson's mustache would appear.

So tell us what you want your patronus to be, and we'll conjure it up for you!

Check back Friday 11/07/2014 to see the magical results.