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    If These Animal Comics Don't Make You Laugh Nothing Will

    The majesty of nature.

    Meet writer and illustrator Joshua Barkman who’s comics series Falseknees views animals in a new light.

    1. In his words, "I go for long walks every day and look at the birds and trees that are constantly changing around me. We share space with countless living things at all times who have their own things going on and that fascinates me." Check out his clever work below.

    2. Watching animals converse in their own language.

    3. The beauty of mating in the wild.

    4. The stunning beauty of nature.

    5. Animal instincts in action.

    6. The majesty of living creatures' survival.

    7. Animals, they're just like us.

    8. The delicate balance of an ecosystem.

    9. And these raccoons in their natural habitat.

    See more of his awesome work here.

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