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If Disney Princesses Wore Realistic Makeup

Sometimes waterproof mascara just isn't enough.

Aurora would have had some seriously clumpy mascara and raccoon eyes after sleeping that long.

(Note the dried drool as well.)

Had Mulan really tried to wipe her makeup off in two swipes with her sleeve it wouldn't have been as simple.

Even Ariel's "waterproof" mascara would have been no match for a lifetime underwater.

Belle's magenta lip gloss would have smeared everywhere after making out with the Beast.

He would have ended up wearing it too.

Jasmine's liquid eyeliner after a windy, tear-inducing, magic-carpet ride may have moved a bit.

Prompting Aladdin to try to explain she has "something on her face, but isn't sure what it is?" Causing Jasmine, mortified and without a mirror, to aimlessly rub around her eyes trying to fix whatever happened.

And Princess Tiana's makeup definitely wouldn't be this perfect after... Oh wait, it's her wedding day. Yes, yes, it would have.

Bridal makeup artist magic.