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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Feb 9, 2015

    I Decided To Re-Wear My Wedding Gown

    Why wear it on only one day?

    Like most girls, it was love at first sight with my wedding dress.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    After a fairly painful process of trying on countless dresses and realizing I wasn't shaped like a bridal mannequin, I knew this Sarah Seven dress from Lovely Bride was the one. I ended up throwing down way more money than I anticipated — succumbing to the "wedding dress shopping experience" and enjoyed counting down the days to wear it down the aisle.

    And when that day came, I enjoyed wearing it more than is easily put into words.

    Le image/Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    Best. Day. Ever.

    After the wedding I sadly hung it up in my closet, not knowing what to do with it.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    I could have donated it, but I destroyed the bottom walking around NYC after the wedding. I could seal it in an airtight bag and hope my theoretical future daughter has very outdated taste in fashion? Or possibly even make it into a piece of art for my wall?...None of these options was that appealing.

    Or maybe, just maybe, I should wear it again, WHENEVER I DAMN WANT. Like this Saturday night for example.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    When I re-opened the dress bag for the first time since the wedding, I had immediate second thoughts: Was this disrespectful to the sanctity of my marriage?...The sanctity of ALL marriages? But after stepping into it I remembered it made me feel like a FUCKING ROCKSTAR, and I couldn't wait to get out on the town.

    The first lesson I learned was people in New York City will still upstream you for a cab even if you're in a wedding dress.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    This happened twice, meaning two people ran in front of me grabbing the cabs I had so patiently hailed.

    The next lesson I learned is that everyone stares at you all night.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    And I mean, everyone. This happens ALL NIGHT.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    This could have been fun depending on how much attention you like getting, but I was feeling pretty ridiculous. My first mistake was starting the night stone-cold sober. In retrospect I should have pre-gamed...hard.

    We then met up with some friends at a favorite bar in the East Village, Grassroots Tavern.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    This is a good way to get your friends worried about your mental health.

    Here's my husband questioning his decision of marrying me.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    As the night went on though, it became increasingly fun.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    Tons of people came up to me and asked about the dress, yelled congratulations or just straight up started dancing with me. It was a great conversation starter. I ended up talking to way more people that I normally would on a night out.

    Some people even asked for a picture with me.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    I kind of felt like a celebrity...or a very social crazy person, one of the two.

    The night culminated with me screaming Green Day's "Basket Case" at Sing Sing Karaoke.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    I think the dress really added a lot to my performance.

    And only got a little weirder from there.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    In the early hours of the morning we finally headed home.

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    I ended the night fulfilling a longtime fantasy of mine of eating chocolate while wearing my dress on the couch; it was more than a little liberating.

    In conclusion:

    Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

    I highly recommend wearing your wedding dress again after your wedding. Just be ready to talk to lots of strangers, get free drinks, and possibly "ruin" your dress a little more. I don't think I'll be doing this every weekend, but maybe a new anniversary tradition is in order.

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