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    I Decided To Re-Wear My Wedding Gown

    Why wear it on only one day?

    Like most girls, it was love at first sight with my wedding dress.

    And when that day came, I enjoyed wearing it more than is easily put into words.

    After the wedding I sadly hung it up in my closet, not knowing what to do with it.

    Or maybe, just maybe, I should wear it again, WHENEVER I DAMN WANT. Like this Saturday night for example.

    The first lesson I learned was people in New York City will still upstream you for a cab even if you're in a wedding dress.

    The next lesson I learned is that everyone stares at you all night.

    And I mean, everyone. This happens ALL NIGHT.

    We then met up with some friends at a favorite bar in the East Village, Grassroots Tavern.

    Here's my husband questioning his decision of marrying me.

    As the night went on though, it became increasingly fun.

    Some people even asked for a picture with me.

    The night culminated with me screaming Green Day's "Basket Case" at Sing Sing Karaoke.

    And only got a little weirder from there.

    In the early hours of the morning we finally headed home.

    In conclusion: