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    Do The Perfect Cat Eye Every Time By Following These Steps

    So easy.

    1. Carefully wipe excess liner from the tip of the applicator.

    2. Starting above your pupil carefully make a very thin line going outwards.

    3. Go slightly past the edge and wing up a bit.

    4. Do the same on your left eye.

    5. If it's a little uneven add more liner to the right side.

    6. If it's still uneven add a little more to the left side.

    7. Whatever you do, DO NOT BLINK at this stage.

    8. If you do accidentally blink use a slightly moistened Q-tip to fix any smudges.

    9. Ok you might need to add some more liner after that.

    10. Cry because you can't handle the stress.

    11. Spend the rest of your days pretending to be a panda at the zoo.