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Here's What The Cast Of "Arthur" Looks Like Now

"And I said HEY, hey! What a wonderful kind of day!"

Buster Baxter

Fun Fact: Buster now lives in Brooklyn where he plays in a Pink Floyd cover band.

Muffy Crosswire

Fun Fact: Muffy is an avid Pinterest recipe user and even blogs about her meals — you can follow her @BasicMuffy.

Francine Frensky

Fun Fact: Francine went on to play Ari in Planet of the Apes.

DW Read

Fun Fact: Unfortunately young fame took a toll on DW. After a short-lived rocky relationship with Justin Bieber, she found herself on hard times. You can catch her on this upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab.

Arthur Read

Fun Fact: After some small roles on Law & Order: SVU, Arthur eventually left acting and used his notoriety from the show Arthur to become one of the youngest Republican mayors of all time at 26 years old.

Binky Barnes

Fun Fact: Binky Barnes laid low for a long time, but you can now catch him as an enthusiastic sports pundit on ESPN.

Alan "The Brain" Powers

Fun Fact: Alan was hard to track down; we found this picture from his Facebook page. According to his profile, he keeps busy researching conspiracy theories and building intricate toothpick sculptures in his basement.

Baby Kate

Fun Fact: Baby Kate was actually an animatronic puppet created by The Jim Henson Company. You can see her on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.