Here's The Cast Of "The Little Mermaid" Now

    "Look at this cast, isn't it neat?"


    Fun Fact: Sebastian is now the ripe old age of 84. He still loves living "unda the sea" and spends most of his time driving slowly around the ocean floor in his goldfish-drawn carriage yelling at youths for being "too loud and rowdy."

    King Triton

    Fun Fact: King Triton is magical so he looks exactly the same. He continues to rule the oceanic kingdom with justice and fairness to all. The incident with Ariel wanting to be human opened his eyes to another world, which only enhanced his ability to be a great leader.


    Fun Fact: Eight years after filming, Flounder went on to meet the love of his life, a fish named Dory. They have 470 kids together and hope to have more.


    Fun Fact: Scuttle went on to be an epistemology philosophy professor at Harvard University. He questioned everything about how objects got their names and functions, which basically flipped the philosophy world on its head.


    Fun Fact: About six months after marrying Prince Eric, Ariel realized she had made a huge mistake — she was only 16 years old and wasn't ready for marriage. She decided to spend the next five years on land, studying marine biology and aquatic veterinary medicine before returning back to the sea to open her own practice. She has become well-known throughout the oceans as one of the greatest sea doctors of all time.

    Prince Eric

    Fun Fact: Unfortunately, after Ariel left Prince Eric, he went mad with heartbreak. He spent the rest of his life at sea searching for a "beautiful mermaid with red hair." Of course no one believed she existed, which gained him the imaginative nickname "Crazy Mermaid-Obsessed Eric."


    Fun Fact: Max lived a good long life of 12 years. When he passed away, they held a beautiful burial at sea for him. Since then, a certain dolphin always swims by Prince Eric's boat — many think it's the reincarnation of Max.


    Fun Fact: While many thought Ursula had died...she did not. She used her witch powers to split part of her soul into a seashell (much like Voldemort). She emerged from the seashell and returned to land in her "human" form. She's best known these days for being a troublemaker on the ABC reality show The Bachelor.