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Here Are The Real Meanings Of 100 Popular Female Names

Women named Katherine are crazy smart and love to read.

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1. Kelly

Women named Kelly are extremely organized and have nice handwriting.

2. Andrea

Andreas are stylish and cool as hell.

3. Michelle

Michelles literally don't give a fuck.

4. Lilly

Ladies named Lilly are too smart for their own good.

5. Rebecca

Rebeccas are always the responsible one.

6. Natasha

Natashas say what they mean and mean what they say!

7. Karen

Karens love dogs.

8. Lynn

Lynns are wild and untamable.

9. Lauren

Laurens are mad creative.

10. Theresa

Theresas love wearing sweatpants more than anyone else.

11. Katherine

Girls named Katherine are wicked smart and love to read.

12. Molly

Mollys love to travel.

13. Kristin

Kristins have a tattoo or want one.

14. Dana

Danas are amazing sisters.

15. Justine

Justines are crazy fashionable.
Violet-blue / Getty Images

Justines are crazy fashionable.

16. Vanessa

Vanessas love nature and horses.

17. Alison

Women named Alison are excellent dancers.

18. Zoe

Zoes are quirky as fuck.

19. Rachel

Rachels keep it real.

20. Sarah

Sarahs are secretly brilliant.

21. Callie

Callies are super loyal.

22. Anna

Ladies named Anna are REALLY hot.

23. Julie

Julies know how to stay in touch and make great friends.

24. Tina

Tinas have a thing for cute butts.

25. Amy

Amys' eye makeup is always on point.

26. Noelle

Girls named Noelle put family first.

27. Peggy

Peggys are natural leaders.

28. Mary

Marys are strong and athletic.

29. Madison

Madisons know how to have a good time.

30. Kara

Women named Kara love pizza...a lot.
Antonioguillem / Getty Images

Women named Kara love pizza...a lot.

31. Caroline

Carolines are super sweet.

32. Selena

Selenas are total bosses.

33. Taylor

Women named Taylor are crafty, both with actual crafts and with their words.

34. Natalie

Natalies are night owls.

35. Helen

Ladies named Helen know how to take care of business.

36. Hannah

Hannahs live for the moment.

37. Lola

Lolas like to sing in the car.

38. Alana

Alanas are crazy in the best possible way.

39. Monica

Monicas overthink things.

40. Shonda

Shondas' friends are like family to them.

41. Daniella

Daniellas are shy at first, but once they open up they're unstoppable forces.

42. Jada

Jadas attract everyone to them.

43. Tianna

Tiannas can throw a party like no one else.

44. Alexis

Women named Alexis don't listen to haters.

45. Gretchen

Gretchens love to cuddle.
Maria Teijeiro / Getty Images

Gretchens love to cuddle.

46. Emily

Emilys live for the moment.

47. Tiffany

Tiffanys like warm weather.

48. Judy

Judys just want to read a good book and drink some tea.

49. Emma

Emmas have crushes on everyone.

50. Leslie

Leslies are strong as hell.

51. Kayla

Ladies named Kayla love wine, a lot.

52. Chelsea

Chelseas know exactly what they want and they always get it.

53. Jessica

Jessicas have big hearts and are super compassionate.

54. Eva

Evas could steal your man if they wanted to, but choose not to.

55. Arianna

Ariannas are magical.

56. Joanna

Girls named Joanna have the best sense of humor.

57. Jillian

Jillians binge-watch Netflix like it's their job.

58. Meredith

Women named Meredith are super ambitious.

59. Camille

Camilles are crazy stylish.

60. Harriette

Harriettes are a little anxious.
Benjamin A. Peterson / Getty Images

Harriettes are a little anxious.

61. Gemma

Gemmas have a great eye for design.

62. Samantha

Samanthas are introverted and require time alone to recharge.

63. Rita

Ritas love a good vacation.

64. Lindsay

Lindsays are super social.

65. Miranda

Ladies named Miranda loved horses when they were little.

66. Cynthia

Cynthias like cats more than dogs.

67. Elizabeth

Elizabeths drink beer and are low-key.

68. Carrie

Carries, much like their name, care too much about everything.

69. Erin

Erins are super chill.

70. Margaret

Women named Margaret are very grounded and logical.

71. Ella

Ellas are creative and excellent writers.

72. Grace

Ladies named Grace are, unlike their names, very klutzy.

73. Jaclyn

Jaclyns love to eat good food and laugh.

74. Diana

Dianas are confident and poised.

75. Brittany

Brittanys love to dance.

76. Heather

Heathers will fuck your shit up.

77. Hilary

Hilarys are hard workers.

78. Kyle

Kyles care deeply about the environment.

79. Kendra

Women named Kendra are always thinking three steps ahead of everyone else.

80. Kimberly

Kimberlys aren't scared of anyone.
Jupiterimages / Getty Images

Kimberlys aren't scared of anyone.

81. Chloe

Chloes are beautiful inside and out.

82. Anita

Anitas are super independent.

83. Crystal

Ladies named Crystal love being near large bodies of water.

84. Arielle

Arielles are brave as hell.

85. Daria

Darias are honest to a fault.

86. Maria

Marias can make anyone fall under their spell.

87. Elisa

Elisas are cultured and love new experiences.

88. Monique

Moniques are the most reliable friends ever.

89. Gena

Genas love to hike.

90. Brandi

Brandis love any excuse to celebrate.

91. Sophia

Women named Sophia cannot be fooled.

92. Morgan

Morgans are tough and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

93. Shauna

Shaunas want to travel the world.

94. Colleen

Colleens have no problem putting someone in their place if need be.

95. Abigail

Abigails are super emotional.

96. Bella

Bellas are artistic.

97. Marie

Maries are great listeners.

98. Nikki

Women named Nikki are powerful.

99. Beth

Beths like to watch videos of animals on the internet almost every day.

100. Christina

Christinas have dark secrets they'll never tell you.
Tay Jnr / Getty Images

Christinas have dark secrets they'll never tell you.

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