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An Ode To Friendly's

Reese's. Peanut. Butter. Cup. Sundae.

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1. Friendly's.

dacallen661 / Via

2. You are so delicious.

supersandeeyezi / Via

3. When most chain restaurants lose their way when it comes to ice cream...

Sharon C. / Via


4. You do not.

leftrightclick / Via

5. You understand ice cream.

supportingmyheard / Via

6. You ARE ice cream.

aimzwright / Via

7. But you are also so much more.

fyeahsundaes / Via

8. So, so, so much more.

itsmeaykwi / Via

9. Your decor is timeless, and always the same. Everywhere. / Via coniglrs

10. Which makes childhood memories flood in.

lmarsh19 / Via

11. And your magic comes in tubs to go.

nicship / Via

12. Like your grilled sandwiches, you are perfection.

willenrevealed / Via

13. Your triangular roof is always so welcoming.

iseektoknow / Via

14. And your signs know just what to say.

havebudgetwilltravel / Via

15. You understand that the end of the meal is just as important as the beginning.

The Cookie Chronicals / Via

16. I could look upon your ice cream sundaes forever.

katelynxo1_ / Via

17. And ever.

themenagerieboutique / Via

18. Don't ever change, Friendly's. Don't ever change.

sageyoku / Via

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