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    Dec 19, 2014

    A Theory On How We're All Connected As Explained By Lego Bricks

    "Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team."

    Think of the primordial soup that everything was created from as a bucket of Lego bricks.

    Getty Images/Oli Scarff

    Over time, different life forms were created out of those blocks.

    Eventually those Lego pieces were broken.


    And out of that same pile...

    Getty Images/Oli Scarff

    New life forms emerged.

    Feral Interactive/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    And again and again, until the Earth as we know it today was built.

    Warner Bros. entertainment

    Every day, buildings fall, people, animals and plants pass away - causing those same Lego bricks to disperse back into the pile.

    Getty Images/Peter Macdiarmid

    Just to have new life forms born again out of those same blocks.

    AFP / Getty Images AFP

    So look around, and be kind to your neighbor, because we're all one big pile of blocks.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

    Learn more about the conservation of mass here.

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