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Can You Get Through This Post Without Mouth Vomiting?

Even candy corn lovers have their limits.

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The season is almost upon us, the season of....candy corn. Are you ready? Or is your stomach too weak? Let's find out.

1. We'll start out easy – check out these fresh corns. Looks pretty good, right?

Tab1962 / Getty Images

2. What about this badly lit jar of them? So waxy...mmm.

Purestock / Getty Images

3. Maybe if we bake them into peanut butter squares it will look more appetizing?

Azurita / Getty Images

4. Or put them in their "natural state."

5. No? Well what about these perfect rows of them.

Something a Week / Via

6. Queasy yet?

Something a Week / Via

7. What if we glue a ton of them on a wreath!?

Sarah Saucedo / Via

8. Maybe this "humpback banana-corn" will help?

9. I know, let's just stick them in a HUGE LOAF. Have you thrown up in your mouth a little yet?

From scratch / Via

10. What about if we just drop a few in this drink...and let them melt through the night?

Food Network / Via

11. Or try a "homemade" version?

Instructables / Via

12. Or better yet, here's a candy corn pizza, to mop up your vomit with.

Pillsbury / Via

13. After you vomit all over yourself, you can wash off with this candy corn soap.


14. Then look at this dog's nails and vomit some more.

Becki Giles / Via

15. Did you think that dog’s paws were too cute? What about this one’s?

Warren London / Via

16. Or how about some HUMAN HANDS grasping corns. Mmm...sweaty, pre-handled candy corn.

prettypolishes / Via

17. Haven't thrown up yet? Better get a bag ready to watch this video of a melted candy corn ball being constructed.

SciFri / Via
  1. Did you vomit?

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Did you vomit?
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    A little bit in my mouth.
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    There is vomit everywhere.

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