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Famous Cartoons Reimagined As Hipsters

Art imitates (hipster) life.

Cartoonist, illustrator and writer for Mad magazine Matt Lassen created a series of famous cartoons reimagined as hipsters.

Matt told BuzzFeed:

"I wanted to do an homage to cartoons from my youth with a comment on society. I thought it would be fun to see something I love, cartoons, with something I dislike, hipsters. Hipsters try so hard to be exaggerated and over the top which are the principles of cartooning that I thought it would be a fun series."

And the results are amazing, check it out below.

Bartholomew, who turned in his skateboard for a penny-farthing.

Belle, who now goes by "Baby Bell."

Captain Planet, who definitely composts.

Leela and her messy topknot.

SpongeBob SquarePants, who now makes vegan Krabby Patties.

A Care Bear who REALLY cares...about being ironic.

The Animaniacs, who all live in a water tower because it's "so unexpected."

Chuckie, growing out his man bun.

Hip Tina Belcher, who will only touch butts in skinny jeans.

Powerpuff Girls saving the world from normies.

Mario questioning everything.

Popeye the sailor man-boy.

Finn and Jake living their best hipster lives.

Hipster Betty Boop in her vintage shoes.

Shaggy really living up to his name.

And Calvin and Hobbes, who were maybe hipsters all along???

For more of Matt's work check out his Tumblr here.