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This 3 Minute Christmas Hallmark Movie Is Hilarious

For when you want to feel warm and fuzzy, but only have 3 minutes.

It wouldn't be the holidays with out a marathon of delightfully predictable Hallmark Christmas movies playing on loop.

ABC Family

"Oh, I didn't love you, but now I do, Merry Christmas!"

But who has time to watch a whole movie of the same old thing again?

Good thing, real life couple - Ben Rosen and Charlotte Borgen decided to make a three-minute long version of these holiday classics for us to enjoy.

Ben Rosen

With their encyclopedic knowledge of Hallmark movies and great sense of humor they decided to create their own. Charlotte told BuzzFeed, "If I could get a tattoo anywhere on my body it would be the Wikipedia summary of Holiday in Handcuffs starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez on my back."

Turns out, not only is it hilarious, it's strangely as satisfying as a full length one.

We worry about the lead character's work/life balance.

We worry about the main character's lack of career and life balance.

We question her current beau's motives.

There's a "meet cute" with our hero.

A handful of cute things happen, including an appearance by Melissa Joan Hart.

All coming together with a Christmas Miracle.

But these gifs don't do it justice, if you really want to get surprised by your own teary eyes, watch the whole 3 minutes here.

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