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Here Are All The Disney Princesses In Their Old Age

Definitive proof women make the hottest silver foxes.


Fun Fact: Jasmine and Aladdin had four children — two girls and two boys. All of their children now run various charities.


Fun Fact: Ariel went on to be a renowned marine biologist. Her work has helped several species of fish come back from the brink of extinction.


Fun Fact: Mulan is now an ambassador for China.


Fun Fact: Aurora moved back into her fairy godmothers' cabin with Prince Philip after he retired. All together they have 10 grandchildren, who all refer to her as "Nana Roro."


Fun Fact: Belle opened up the Beast's library to the public, which she now runs.


Fun Fact: Tiana opened her own restaurant and it's extremely popular. She still cooks up beignets for customers on the weekends.


Fun Fact: Cinderella and Prince Charming now live on a farm in Vermont. To this day she still prefers the company of mice to humans.


Unfortunately Meg died shortly after filming Hercules — a light breeze blew her off the top of Mount Olympus. RIP.