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    8 Sweaty Summer Boobies That Are Too Damn Sticky

    Boobies + summer = nope.

    1. Summer is just too hot for some boobies.

    Shalamov / Getty Images

    2. And you can't just expose your booby parts everywhere to cool off.

    Getty Images

    3. They get all sweaty and rashy.

    Elisalocci / Getty Images

    4. There is nowhere for sweaty boobies to hide in the summer.

    Prasit Chansarekorn / Getty Images

    5. Boobies can't even put sunscreen on themselves.

    Photon-photos / Getty Images

    6. Boobies need to bathe way extra in the summer and it's very frustrating because they instantly become sweaty again.

    Prasit Chansarekorn / Getty Images

    7. Nope, still sweaty.

    Prasit Chansarekorn / Getty Images

    8. Summer and boobies just do not mix.

    Getty Images

    I do too, booby, I do too.

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