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    7 Disney Princes Who Aged Into Silver-Foxes

    Dreams do come true.

    1. Prince Eric

    Fun Fact: Eric continues to live happily ever after in the same castle with Ariel. They have three kids, and two of them are avid swimmers. As king, he has implemented many bans on fishing in the surrounding water and has spearheaded a large clean-water initiative in his kingdom.

    2. Shang

    Fun Fact: Both Shang and Mulan are still active in the army. They have two kids and enjoy traveling the world with them for their work. Mushu acts as the children's nanny and, more importantly, guardian spirit.

    3. Aladdin

    Fun Fact: As Sultan, Aladdin has helped fix the disparity in his kingdom by focusing on charitable efforts and public programs. He and Jasmine regularly leave the palace for long walks and enjoy taking the carpet for rides around the world every anniversary.

    4. Prince Naveen

    Fun Fact: King Naveen and Queen Tiana are still very much in love and enjoy going on dates to the local ponds and reminiscing about how they met. Together, they spearheaded a nature conservatory with a special space for endangered amphibians.

    5. Flynn Rider

    Fun Fact: Flynn is not a king now, but he feels like a king living his life with his partner, Rapunzel. They opened and currently run an orphanage for children with special magical needs.

    6. Prince Philip

    Fun Fact: Prince Phillip is now better known as "Brad Pitt." Unlike the tale the animated version tells, he ended up with Maleficent.

    7. Robin Hood

    Fun Fact: Robin is still up to his old tricks — stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. He and Maid Marian recently moved from Sherwood Forest to the Hundred Acre Wood. They enjoy their neighbors there and think it's a great place to settle down.