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    27 Jokes Only People Who Love To Eat Will Get

    Considering a pint of ice cream a single serving size.

    1. How you balance your diet.

    2. Trying to eat your avocados at the exact right moment.

    3. Not being able to keep leftovers for long.

    4. Accepting all late night cooking challenges.

    5. Filling up your plate right.

    6. Trying to control your internal cookie monster.

    7. Eating for all occasions.

    8. Considering a pint a single serving size.

    9. Packing it in like a champ.

    10. Taking "clean eating" to new levels.

    11. Knowing your dressing needs in any form.

    12. When your true love visits.

    13. The tragedy of finishing a snack.

    14. Appreciating salads in many different forms.

    15. Getting played by avocados on the reg.

    16. When your world stops for a minute.

    17. You're on the "indulge diet."

    18. Always leaving the cereal box out.

    19. This perfect moment.

    20. Accepting all sandwiches as they are.

    21. This delicious cycle.

    22. When you take lifestyle tips from your food.

    23. Putting the needs of your stomach over your clothes.

    24. When your spoon gets too cozy.

    25. Being like a moth to a flame.

    26. Knowing when to count calories.

    27. And dressing your salad right.

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