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    26 Historically Accurate Drawings Of Disney Princesses Worth Looking At


    1. This stunning 16th century German Snow White.

    2. Mulan actually ready to defeat the Huns.

    3. 18th century Belle fit for a portrait.

    4. Rapunzel looking legit 1700s af.

    5. French court ready Belle.

    6. Merida in 9th century Pictish attire.

    7. Esmeralda in true 15th century garb.

    8. Cinderella looking seriously mid 1860s.

    9. Belle reading as she walks through her 18th century French village.

    10. Tiana looking amazing in a roaring 20s frock.

    11. Belle both dressed up and down for the times.

    12. Jane looking sophisticated chic in a 1890s dress suit.

    13. Belle again, looking all kinds of 18th century dolled up.

    14. Ariel with some 1890s PUFFY SLEEVES.

    15. Jasmine in gorgeous 13th century Arabian fashion.

    16. Snow White looking lovely in a 16th century forest.

    17. Aurora in a 14th century dress to die for.

    18. Meg looking serious in 13th century B.C. Greek clothing.

    19. Snow White again, looking with the times.

    20. Merida ready for a 10th century battle.

    21. Rapunzel in an 18th century gown.

    22. Moana looking fierce in 1st century A.D. Polynesian attire.

    23. Pocahontas in more accurate Powhatan dressings.

    24. Snow White looking serious in her German outfit.

    25. Belle again, looking ready for a ball.

    26. And lastly, Mulan looking historically accurate and enchanting as ever.