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    21 Pictures Of Dogs Waiting For Belly Rubs That May Actually Kill You


    1. Hello, human, I would like some pets please?

    2. Pretty please?

    3. My body is ready.

    4. Just two dogs, waiting for pets.

    5. I am prepared for lub rubs.

    6. If I stick out my tongue, will I get rubs?

    7. Yes, I too is dog, waiting for belly rub.

    8. I will use mind control to get belly rubs.

    9. You can push my sweater up.

    10. I am in perfect belly rubs position!

    11. Come on, just one little rub.

    12. Why is this small human not petting my belly?

    13. Give in to my fuzziness.

    14. If I lie really still...mayhaps I will get a belly rub?

    15. I am waiting, human.

    16. I is very soft.

    17. I too am a soft pupper waiting for rubs.

    18. Boop.

    19. You cannot resist my bedroom eyes.

    20. Pwease?

    21. And so no one actually dies from this post, sweet satisfaction.

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