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    21 Nihilistic Memes That Will Make You Question Everything

    Do or don't read this, whatever. H/T: Nihilist Memes.

    1. Meh.

    2. Accurate chart.

    3. Does anything really exist?

    4. Oh well.

    5. Better than nothing.

    6. What a grand surprise this would be.

    7. Why bother asking anyone for advice.

    8. When you just see things too clearly.

    9. Whatever.

    10. Everything is a mistake.

    11. Even Siri knows what's up.

    12. Wise words to follow.

    13. What, you asked??

    14. Life.

    15. Wow, true.

    16. Sweet relief.

    17. LIFE.

    18. Smart cat.

    19. But do you really?

    20. Oh no.

    21. Thank you for this box.