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21 Brilliant Midnight Snacks From Around The World

People everywhere agree — snacking at night is the best.

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We asked people at BuzzFeed offices around the world about their favorite midnight snacks, and these are their delicious answers.


2. Colombia: pandebono (left) and pandeyuca (right) with hot chocolate or coffee

Pete Angritt / Via Wikki Commons

"These baked treats can be either sweet or savory and are often served with a delicious warm beverage." —Brenda Blanco


11. Oaxaca City, Mexico: tlayudas

Via Tlayudas

Nothing beats a tlayuda late at night in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Large baked tortillas are layered with with refried beans and various other traditional ingredients. —Lester Feder


12. Beijing, China: Jianbing

Fiona Reilly / Via

Sold all over from street stands, Jianbing is a Chinese crepe made with a deep fried cracker, an egg, and savory sauce in the middle — it's the quintessential Beijing snack food. —Megha Rajagopalan

13. Singapore: McDonald's ice cream cone

McDonald's / Via Instagram: @mcdonalds

I grew up in Singapore and most McD's were open 24/7. Singapore is hot AF year round, so we'd always end up getting ice cream cones at like 2AM. —Christine Byrne

14. Nigeria: grilled suya and masa.


18. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: silkworms

Stockphototrends / Getty Images

Fried and ready to go in a paper bag — this treat is a favorite to pick up on the way home from a bar in Cambodia. —Amanda Hickman


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