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    21 Brilliant Midnight Snacks From Around The World

    People everywhere agree — snacking at night is the best.

    We asked people at BuzzFeed offices around the world about their favorite midnight snacks, and these are their delicious answers.

    1. Japan: udon

    2. Colombia: pandebono (left) and pandeyuca (right) with hot chocolate or coffee

    3. Brazil: cachorro quente

    4. United States: leftover pizza

    5. Germany: döner kebab

    6. India: Maggi's two-minute masala noodles

    7. Greece: loukoumades

    8. Spain: fuet

    9. New Jersey: disco fries

    10. Russia: pelmeni

    11. Oaxaca City, Mexico: tlayudas

    12. Beijing, China: Jianbing

    13. Singapore: McDonald's ice cream cone

    14. Nigeria: grilled suya and masa.

    15. Montreal, Canada: Poutine

    16. Beirut, Lebanon: manoushe

    17. France: döner kebab with fries

    18. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: silkworms

    19. London, England: Cheddar cheese

    20. Italy: Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, and chili

    21. West Africa: fura da nono