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    19 Candy-Making GIFs That Will Make You Sigh With Relief


    1. Oh hello, sugar blob.

    2. It's raining Junior Mints in your heart.

    3. Pull that sugar.

    4. Oh yes.

    5. Coat your mind in chocolate.

    6. Snip, snip, snip.

    7. Exhale into this moment.

    8. Spin free.

    9. Let it all out.

    10. A perfect snip.

    11. Aaaaaa.

    12. Wiggle it out. Squeeze it in.

    13. Let your worries spill away.

    14. Break those pieces up.

    15. Twizzler batter churning.

    16. MUAH.

    17. Cut your thoughts off.

    18. Squeezed into perfect spheres.

    19. Never stop spinning.