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17 Of The Most Beautifully Illustrated Picture Books In 2015


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Sky Pony Press

The colors in Red, Yellow, Blue (and a Dash of White, Too!) are bright, energetic and SO fun to look at. With graffiti like line work, and perfect brush strokes anyone would enjoy flipping through its pages.

Find it here.


Not only is the character design in To the Sea too cute, the artwork as a whole is absolutely beautiful. I mean those perfectly straight rain drops? GORGEOUS DESIGN.

Find it here.

Chronicle books

Jihyeon Lee's style is lovely and whimsical, and her pencil work is unbelievably detailed and delicate. You'll want to get lost in the pages of this book forever.

Find it here.

Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Yasmeen Ismail's illustrations capture tons of emotion and energy. Also, the compositions are perfection. A perfect book to admire again and again.

Find it here.


Lazy Dave's mixed media illustrations are so fun to look at. Jarvis knows how to not over do it – with his simple backgrounds and minimalistic design sense.

Find it here.

Enchanted Lion Books

THE COLORS! Beastly Verse is a feast for the eyes. Not many artists can pull off this many bright colors on one page and make it look this good, but JooHee Yoon sure can.

Find it here.

Tundra Books

The painted illustrations in this book are gorgeous. Like, it hurts my eyes when I look at it because it's so beautiful. The flowers and fields are painted perfection. Let's hope there's more books illustrated by Julie Morstad in 2016.

Find it here.

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Grey backgrounds with the pop of a bright yellow raincoat in front? Yes please! Float is visually on point. This book gets an A+ (for "amazing art.")

Find it here.

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