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17 Amazing Adventure Time Cakes

Princess Bubblegum would approve.

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1. Jake and Finn in all their friendship glory.

Sam Cupcakes / Via

2. This cake that really captures the lay of the land.

Anna Cakes / Via

3. BMO in all his cute glory.

676 Bakery / Via

4. Ice King looking icy.

Sweets The Art of Cake / Via

5. Jake and Finn enjoying a light powdered sugar snowfall.

6. Princess Bubblegum as her younger self.

Cake Works / Via

7. Finn and Jake looking happy to be cakes.

Sweet Blissnz / Via

8. BMO seeming sweet as cake.

Elaine's Caked / Via

9. Jake overseeing the kingdom.

Cake Biju / Via

10. Jake and Finn in a cool natural setting.

Your Spoons / Via

11. Marceline ready to bite.

Tegan's Tasty Treats / Via

12. Jake taking the bottom while Finn takes the top.

Dannis Bakes / Via

13. LSP looking sassy as ever.

Cake Sisters / Via

14. Jake and Finn up close and personal.

Karlzoes Cake / Via

15. Marceline shredding to a full moon.

HanCakes525 / Via

16. Finn as a coffee mug pouring into Jake as a bowl (why not?)

Rosapetalabolos / Via

17. And the whole gang as cupcakes.

Kake Krumbs / Via

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