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    16 Things Only People Who Have Trouble With Authority Understand

    "Whatever, I do what I want."

    1. The moment you could walk you were like, "Do. Not. Pick. Me. Up."

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    2. You also chose to dress yourself from a very young age.

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    "I wear what I want."

    3. In elementary school you were sent to the principal's office more than once.


    You might have even gone there more than once a week.

    4. You took hating school to new levels.


    5. Teachers either LOVED you or HATED you, nothing in between.

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    They either thought it was endearing how terrible you were to teach or were not amused at all. For the most part, they probably hated you.

    6. You tried your first sip of alcohol well before 21 years old.

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    7. And you had some major questions about religion growing up.

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    "Sorry, excuse me, what happened?"

    8. By senior year of high school you had cutting class down to an art form.

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    9. You got kicked out of school for not following ridiculous dress codes on the regular.

    For fuck's sake.

    10. You probably got a piercing or tattoo without telling your parents first.

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    Your body, your rules.

    11. The cops in your hometown ran into you at so many parties and pulled you over so many times they knew you by name.


    "You again."

    12. You moved out of your parent's house ASAP.

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    13. You got along with college professors shockingly better than your past teachers.

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    A two way street relationship, this is great!

    14. You only get along with bosses that REALLY respect you.


    15. You've left more than one job on bad terms.

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    16. But most of all, you just DESPISE being told what to do.

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