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    14 Problems Only Overly Nice People Have

    So nice it hurts.

    1. Seeing a stranger in public crying and freaking out inside because it would be socially unacceptable to go up and hug them.

    2. Reading a sad news story and randomly thinking about it again and again years later feeling bad for the people in it.

    3. Saying sorry at least 10 times a day.

    4. Feeling genuinely bad if you accidentally knock into someone.

    5. Picking up something someone dropped on the street even if it looks like it's covered in snot.

    6. Allowing too many cars in while driving.

    7. Internally debating whether it would be more rude to give up your chair or to stay seated when a person with gray hair is standing near you.

    8. Wanting to adopt every animal you see.

    9. Going over conversations in your head regularly worried you accidentally offended someone.

    10. Feeling empathy for anything with a face (including inanimate objects).

    11. And because of that, not being able to throw away toys or stuffed animals.

    12. Always offering people with less groceries than you to go ahead of you in the line even if you're in a rush and it makes you wince inside.

    13. Always being really polite when asking telemarketers not to call your number, THEY'RE PEOPLE TOO!

    14. And forcing your eating companion to have the last fry.