11 Types Of Sex Married People Have

    "The ol' go-to"

    1. The Saturday morning "we finally have a minute" sex.

    2. The distracted-by-the-pets mating madness.

    3. The "we had a huge dinner and are bloated and gross but don't care cause we're legally bound" tryst.

    4. The holiday have-to.

    5. The must-keep-watching-Netflix hold.

    6. The morning-breath, no-kissing sex.

    7. The "we haven't done it in a while so we should" obligatory romance.

    8. The ol' go-to routine.

    9. The, erm, standard set.

    10. The...uh...same-deal-as-always sex.

    11. The "we know what each other likes so we just keep doing that and it's awesome, stop judging us" sex!