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11 Reasons Not To Shave Your Hoo-Ha

Let it grow, let it grow.♫ WARNING: Contains toon nudity.

1. Grown-ass women have hair on their hoo-has.

2. It's there for many reasons, shaving it can make you more vulnerable to STIs.

3. You can do with it what you want: Braid it, trim it, dye it.

4. It traps in pheromones that make it super sexy.

5. It's powerful and protects you from dust and bacteria.

6. It's too much effort and too painful to try to tame its sexiness.

7. Razors are expensive and bad for the environment.

8. And most importantly it's fun to pet.

9. Anyone who says they don't think it's sexy can DEAL.

10. WITH.

11. IT.