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10 Sex Tips That Will Drive Any Man Insane

Try these sexy moves tonight.

1. Play with his hair.

2. Gently scratch his back.

3. Lightly spell the word "HUMMUS" with your fingers on his neck.

4. Carefully put hummus between his toes.

5. Slowly and sexily dip a corn chip into the toe hummus.

6. Make eye contact with him as you seductively lean forward and offer him the foot hummus chip.

7. Maintain eye contact – gently press the chip to his face (hummus side down of course).

8. Wink at him and reveal a single chickpea from inside your bra.

9. Carefully place the chickpea on the pillow next to his head.

10. Let the mysterious silence hang in the air as you slowly walk out the door. Right before you leave, pause and turn over your shoulder — slowly say "corn...chip."