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    • Loro

      Agreed that we need to get to a point where this type of relationship and the type you mentioned (a previously self-identified lesbian falling in love with a self-identified straight male) are seen on equal grounds. I don’t think the existence of this article is at odds with that end goal, though. The important thing here is that MacKenzie is disputing the need for anyone to label her as a straight-girl-gone-lesbian, and by extension challenging the necessity of those identifiers in the first place. The whole “fall in love with a person not a gender” thing sounds cliched at this point, but that doesn’t subtract from the wisdom in it. I’m with you on moving past this politicization of personal relationships based on gender…in the big picture. Not everyone is there right now, though, and as frustrating as that is, they’re not going to get there until this conversation has been laid out in the open and trickled down to common knowledge. As thisisbright hints at, normalization is a transition before it’s a reality.

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