17 Incredible Lesbian Pinays You Need To Know

    Ladies we love who love ladies. #PinayPride, amirite?

    December 8 is National Lesbian Day in the Philippines! Check out these brilliant and incredible Filipina lesbians making waves in Filipino media.

    And this isn't a definitive list! So if you know more lesbian Pinays who are killing the game, add their names in the comments below!

    1. Shakira Sison

    2. Laurel Fantauzzo

    3. Giney Villar

    4. Libay Linsangan Cantor

    5. Fritzie Rodriguez

    6. Bernadette "Det" Neri

    7. Nariese Perez Giangan

    8. Pai Edles and Misty Floro

    9. Anne Lim

    10. Angie Umbac

    11. Nerissa N. P. Picadizo

    12. Kaye Morales

    13. Jhoanna Lynn Cruz

    14. Cha Roque

    15. Shane Homan

    16. Kakay Pamaran

    17. Patty Tiu

    Keep waving those rainbow flags high, ladies! Cheers!