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13 Cats That Aren't Ready For Their Close-Up

Can you give a cat a second?! Getting camera ready takes work, but it's a lot easier with Youth Code™ Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher™ from L'Oreal.

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1. "Don't come in here! I don't have my face on!"

2. "Seriously? I JUST woke up."

3. "Please, no close-ups! I am unprepared."

4. "Pillow, hide me!"

5. "My face must not be seen!"

6. "Don't film me--I'm in the middle of a face plant!"

7. "This cup will shield me! Hang on, I'm falling."

8. "No cameras!...Why can't I get away from you?!"

9. "Hang on, I need to get into character!"

10. "I'll come out when I'm good and ready."

11. "Can you not?!"

12. "Just having a few technical difficulties..."