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11 Ways To Take Even Longer Getting Ready

These beauty routines are worth getting up early for. Turn to L'Oréal Paris for all your beauty inspiration needs.

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2. Accessorize With a Gift From Mother Nature

L'Oreal Paris

Go ahead and sneak a few sprigs of baby's breath from that flower arrangement just sitting on your kitchen table. It looks better on you anyway. Make sure those flowers don't budge with LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray.

6. Braid It, Flip It, and Reverse It

L'Oreal Paris

Braid your hair into a casual yet polished updo today and relish in a delightfully tousled mane tomorrow. Planning your second-day hair will let you sleep in tomorrow. Watch how to get a pretty braided crown here.

7. Whip Your Brow Into Shape

L'Oreal Paris

Your eyebrow shape can really change the way your face looks in a dramatic way. Pull on a sleek black sweater, and you'll look like a bo$$. Try Brow Stylist® Custom Brow Shaping Pencil in a shade lighter than your brows for this look.

8. Tie a Knot in Some Elegance

L'Oreal Paris

A rolled-up tube sock tucked into your bun can help you reach ultimate bun perfection. Just make sure it's clean — no one needs a dirty sock in their hair. Find out how to do this elegant low bun here.

10. Make Your Hair Color Work Overtime

L'Oreal Paris

Give your ombré color a new twist with this stylish fishtail. It's sort of like turning your head into a mermaid — what's not to love? Learn the look here.

11. Make Your Eye Pencil Work Double Duty

L'Oreal Paris

Experiment with ways to use your makeup in new, fun ways. Prep your lip with a dark eye pencil to give your dark lipstick longevity — yes, really! Feeling bold? Try Extraordinaire by Colour Riche® in Plum Adagio.