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11 Thoughts You Have Before You Dye Your Hair For The First Time

Changing your hair color is a BIG deal.

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1. "I think it's time for a change."

2. "YAY! Let's do this."

3. "Hrmmm, who do I want to look like?"

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4. "DIY! How hard can this really be?"

5. "What if it looks horrible?"

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6. "If it's too dark, I'll shampoo four times every night for the next week."

7. "If it's too light, I'll just go into hiding for a few months, NBD."

8. "Maybe I'll keep a lock of my natural hair for future reference?"

9. "One box or two? Do I buy ONE BOX OR TWO?!"

10. "I hope people still recognize me."

11. "It'll be great. I have the confidence to make anything fabulous."

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