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Guys Guess What Beauty Products Are Supposed To Do

We handed beauty products to seven guys with no explanation. Here are their reactions.

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Eyelash Curler

Chris: It's a shoelace straightener.

Omri: I don't know, It seems food related.

Ryan: No! It's what you use at the eye doctor — it's a mini one of those, so you can do an eye exam on the spot.

Ben: You use it as an eyelash clipper. If you use too much primer you can clip the extra off.

Infallible Eye Shadow (Eye Shadow)

Ben: That's lip cover.

Ryan: It makes the lip pop.

Zach: Oh I think it's blush. I'd put it on my cheeks.

Ryan: I think it's for lips, for an evening at the gala. A moonlit dinner maybe.

Omri: It's so small it seems like something you'd put in your purse to intentionally lose it — like someone asks you an uncomfortable question and you just search in your purse for it for a very long time instead.

Cuticle Clipper

Ben: This one I think is actually just a gardening tool. My dad had one of these in his tool bag to strip wires.

Ryan: This one's a trick.

James: It's spring loaded so you know it's used for tough jobs.

Magic Anti-Redness (Correcting Primer)

Ryan: It's a night thing. You wear it at night because you would never wear green during the day. It's like those girls at sleepovers when they have green on their face like it’s a spa day.

Chris: It's for Christmas because it's green and red!

Omri: This is like a topical EpiPen.

Ben: So if you're embarrassed and blushing you put this on your face.

Body Sponge

Ben: It's a blurrer for your face and your makeup.

James: I like the nubs on the back, that's the better side.

Ryan: I like the rough side. No one likes the rough side?

Omri: Nothing on my body is rough enough to handle that.

Magic Lumi (Light Infusing Primer)

Ben: I think this is what you want when you want your face to brighten up.

James: It sounds like something you put on before you go into the woods at night.

Zach: Didn’t Dumbledore give that to Harry Potter as part of his last testament?

Blackbuster Infallible (Eyeliner)

James: Oh, OK, it's a marker.

Ryan: The Infallible sets up some high stakes, like, there is no way this will disappoint.

Ben: Oh! This is for when you don't have eyebrows so you draw in eyebrows.

Chris: Oh!! Maybe it's for that cat-eye stuff!

Spiral Bobby Pin

Omri: Shirley Temple probably slept in these.

Ben: This is a spring that fell out of something.

James: Is it like a car part?

Zach: Is it like a Bumpit to give you shape?

Ryan: I really think this is for cuticle cutting.

Magic Nude Liquid Powder (Foundation)

Ryan: I'm confused why it's called powder...

Zach: It's a liquid you put on your face and then it turns into powder.

Ryan: What! That’s possible?!

Ben: There's something about it that is magic. There’s magic involved.

Chris: It's for when you're embarrassed by your goatee and want to cover it up with a powder liquid. Duh.

True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup (Foundation)

Omri: You use this on your face to find the right guy.

Ben: You match this with the Magic Lumi one and it stops it from being invisible?

Ryan: This one feels like a daily use, like a soap dispenser. Did we ever consider that some of this isn't meant for the face?

Voluminous Miss Manga (Mascara)

Ben: It's for loud eyelashes that scream at people, “Hey look at me — this is where my eyeballs are!”

Chris: This helps you tune in to radio stations.

Ryan: It's big! Looks like this would involve a whole process.

Omri: This one is for babies who want to be beautiful.

Nail Stickers

Zach: These are for when you get blisters on your ankles.

Ryan: It's for when you're getting your cuticles cut but you still want to be having a good time.

Chris: I feel like they give these out at the doctor for doing a good job.

Ben: Maybe it's for when you just got your ear pierced and you need to cover it up.

Omri: It's also for babies who want to be beautiful.

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