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11 Tips Inspired By Korean Skin Care That'll Boost Your Beauty Regimen

Inspired by Korean skin care, L'Oreal Paris Hydra Genius upgrades your beauty routine with the first daily liquid care moisturizer. It's made with aloe water for long-lasting hydration and fresh, glowing skin.

1. First things first, start double cleansing.

2. Treat your skin with sheet masks...

3. ...or be efficient and "multimask."

4. Pat on some essence.

5. Get smoother coverage with a cushion compact.

6. Apply some snail mucin...

7. ...and a little rice water.

8. Try an aqua peel for gentle exfoliation.

9. Give your skin a good night’s sleep with a sleeping pack.

10. Refresh your skin throughout the day with a face mist.

11. Opt for water-based gels and moisturizers for maximum hydration.

All images courtesy of iStock.

For 72 hours of hydration and fresh, glowing skin, add L'Oreal Paris Hydra Genius liquid-care moisturizer with aloe water to your beauty routine today.

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