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11 Tips Inspired By Korean Skin Care That'll Boost Your Beauty Regimen

Inspired by Korean skin care, L'Oreal Paris Hydra Genius upgrades your beauty routine with the first daily liquid care moisturizer. It's made with aloe water for long-lasting hydration and fresh, glowing skin.

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1. First things first, start double cleansing.

Double cleansing is one of the most important processes when it comes to Korean skin care. Begin with an oil cleanser which is used to remove oil-based impurities such as makeup, and then follow with a gentle foaming cleaner.

2. Treat your skin with sheet masks...

Sheet masks are one of the most well-known Korean skin care trends to emerge recently. The masks are typically soaked in serums and offer a quick and easy way to treat your skin to a pick-me-up with extra hydration. For a deeper cleanse, however, use a rubber mask as part of your routine. These masks start out as a powder which you apply with water and peel off as a rubbery sheet once dry.

3. ...or be efficient and "multimask."

Korean skin care regimes are famous for including at least 10 separate steps. However, another more time efficient trend involves carefully selecting and applying multiple masks to treat the different areas of your face.

4. Pat on some essence.

Often confused with serums or toners, essences are a way of providing your skin with intense nourishment. Look for those containing hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin, and ensure that you pat it into your skin rather than using a cotton pad or massaging it in.

5. Get smoother coverage with a cushion compact.

Step up your makeup application with a cushion compact. Whether it's foundation or a BB cream, cushion compacts are designed to give you a much more even and smooth coverage. The compact includes a sponge soaked in makeup along with separate sponge for application.

6. Apply some snail mucin...

Snail mucin has been recognized for its super powers in Korean skin care for decades. The mucin is full of skin-healing and anti-aging ingredients which are said to work wonders on restoring damaged or dehydrated skin. You can incorporate it into your skin care regime as a face mask, serum, or moisturizing cream.

7. ...and a little rice water.

Rice water is a staple ingredient in Korean skin care, celebrated for its ability to brighten skin. Plus, you can easily make your own by simply just soaking jasmine rice in water and massaging it onto your face.

8. Try an aqua peel for gentle exfoliation.

One of the newer skin care trends to emerge from South Korea, an aqua peel is designed to clean pores without leaving your skin feeling dry. The peel involves an exfoliating gel and skin vacuum that leaves skin moisturized as well as free of blackheads and impurities.

9. Give your skin a good night’s sleep with a sleeping pack.

Applying sleeping masks or "packs" a few times a week allows your skin to receive intense hydration overnight. Unlike actual face masks, Korean sleep masks are developed using natural lightweight ingredients that don’t need to be rinsed off.

11. Opt for water-based gels and moisturizers for maximum hydration.

Ensuring your skin stays hydrated all day every day is a key principle throughout Korean skin care. Unlike oil-based moisturizers, lightweight water-based formulas allow for better and longer-lasting hydration. Because Korean skin care products are formulated with natural ingredients, they're able to retain water in the skin for long periods of time. Choose a liquid-care moisturizer that’s able to penetrate deep and fast into the skin, helping to lock in moisture for over 24 hours.

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