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Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for Newbies

Get started with these tips and you'll become a pro!

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Let's Get Started!

Tip # 1 – Do a strand test to make sure you like the color and are not allergic to the product.

Tip # 2 – To avoid staining, wipe color off skin as soon as possible.

Tip # 3 – Cover yourself with dark towels. They will less likely get ruined if any dye falls on you.

Tip # 4 – Section the hair in 4-6 sections.

Tip # 5 – Prevent color in unwanted places by coating the hairline with petroleum jelly.

Tip # 6 – Apply a generous amount by hand for an ombre or highlight effect.

Or, you can apply it with the brush that comes in the kit for more specific coverage.

Tip # 7 – Follow the instructions on the box and let it sit in the hair for the specified time.

Tip # 8 – Wash with cool water to help seal the cuticle.

Tip # 9 – Wait at least 2 days for your next shampoo.

Tip # 10 – Enjoy your color! Semi-permanent is less damaging than bleach with continuous use. It is also less of a commitment, so you can change up your look as much as you’d like (fun!)