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11 Reasons At-Home Bleach Will Give You The Best Pop Of Colour

Embrace the bleach and colour, baybay!

1. You'll be able to give yourself a one-of-a-kind style that everyone will envy.

2. And you'll feel really accomplished when you check out your final product in the mirror.

3. Your hair colour will basically be able to change with your mood.

4. So you could play around with natural shades.

5. Or make the jump to a pastel princess.

6. Then swap to a vibrant queen.

7. And if your heart desires, why not encompass the entire rainbow?

8. So you pretty much become your own stylist.

9. And end up saving yourself a lot of time.

10. Then when people compliment your stylist, they're actually complimenting you!

11. And flawless style freedom will finally be yours.

Now that you’ve got the confidence to give yourself a DIY treatment, it’s time to do #YourColourYourWay and pop into a world of colour with #Colorista Semi-Permenant Haircolour!

Bleach tutorial here and colour tutorial here.