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11 Reasons At-Home Bleach Will Give You The Best Pop Of Colour

Embrace the bleach and colour, baybay!

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1. You'll be able to give yourself a one-of-a-kind style that everyone will envy.

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2. And you'll feel really accomplished when you check out your final product in the mirror.

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3. Your hair colour will basically be able to change with your mood.

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4. So you could play around with natural shades.

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5. Or make the jump to a pastel princess.

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6. Then swap to a vibrant queen.

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7. And if your heart desires, why not encompass the entire rainbow?

8. So you pretty much become your own stylist.

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9. And end up saving yourself a lot of time.

10. Then when people compliment your stylist, they're actually complimenting you!

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11. And flawless style freedom will finally be yours.

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Now that you’ve got the confidence to give yourself a DIY treatment, it’s time to do #YourColourYourWay and pop into a world of colour with #Colorista Semi-Permenant Haircolour!

Bleach tutorial here and colour tutorial here.