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9 Natural Ingredients Your Beauty Regimen Needs Right Now

Formulated with natural aloe water and inspired by Korean Skincare, L'Oréal Hydra Genius daily liquid care moisturizer offers instant, long-lasting hydration and quick absorption for clean, healthy-looking skin.

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1. Aloe Water

Why it's great: Thanks to its high water content, this natural remedy plays a key role in moisturizing skin by boosting its elasticity and helping it retain moisture for longer periods of time. It's also jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, and can act as everything from a natural moisturizer to a miracle makeup remover.

How to use it: Aloe can be combined with other natural ingredients to create masks, washes, or creams before being applied to skin.

2. Honey

Why it’s great: Raw and unprocessed honey is antibacterial and has also been shown to improve the skin’s ability to heal faster.

How to use it: Honey can be a little messy to apply, so try using it as part of a face mask.

5. Papaya

Why it's great: Chock-full of vitamins C and A, papaya works as a natural exfoliant, helping to remove dirt and oil from pores and create the look of clean, glowing skin.

How to use it: Apply smushed papaya pulp to face for a short amount of time, then cleanse.

7. Coffee

Why it's great: Attain baby-soft skin by using coffee — and its anti-aging features — as a caffeine-infused facial exfoliant.

How to use it: Rather than applying ground coffee directly to the face, dilute it by creating a facial scrub.

8. Avocado

Why it's great: The organic, deep-conditioning oils found in avocados prove to be an essential component for properly moisturized skin, and its ability to ameliorate wrinkles is quite the coup, too.

How to use it: Spread onto body and let sit, then rinse with lukewarm water.

9. Lemon

Why it's great: Lemons offer a plethora of beauty benefits. Among them is their ability to act as a natural exfoliant, as well as an antibacterial-rich acne counteragent.

How to use it: A spritz of lemon juice applied to a blackhead may do the trick.

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