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11 Super-Rad Ways To Try Something Totally New With Your Hair

Just imagination and really great hair products are all you need to style like a pro.

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Bangs are kiiiind of a commitment, so why not give them a test drive before you make the big chop? Watch the tutorial here.

Yeah, sometimes it's a pain to get your hair to lay differently than how you usually part it, but fear not — this tutorial has you and your gorgeous, romantic curls covered.

Shoulder-length is anything but blah, tbh. Bring your long bob to the next level with this tutorial.

Short hair can be cute as a button or give you an edge sharp enough to cut — and spiking your hair can help you give off that "seriously, don't mess with me" vibe. Check out the tutorial here.

Finger waves are a ~timeless~ style and a fun way to switch it up at work or at a slightly-fancier-than-normal event. Plus, they work well on many different lengths of hair! Give them a try with this tutorial.

Another timeless style, victory rolls are a big-and-bold style that can be worn a couple of different ways. Long and medium-length hair both look great in this style! Give it a try.

Sure, a top knot is the perfect messy summer 'do, but why not give it a little more edge? Braid a section of your hair leading up to the top knot to add more texture and a new, different detail — let this tutorial light the way.

Looking for something simple, but with that extra-fashionable note? Slick back your hair for a chic look that goes office-to-club in no time flat. Check out the tutorial here.

Getting an actual side shave is a real commitment, and even if it looks amazing, it's not a commitment everyone wants to make. Braids to the rescue! Learn how to get this look here.

Love your long hair, but want to try a shorter style without chopping your locks? Worry not — you can fake that super-cute bob you've always been curious about. Learn how!

There are a few different ways to try a fauxhawk look, but we're a big fan of the braids + bun version. With awesome height, interesting texture, and fun details, it's a style you can rock anywhere, anytime. Check out this tutorial and give it a try.

Whatever style you choose, make sure it stays in place and looks incredible all day with Studio Pro by L'Oréal Paris.

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