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Sep 2014
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    loranp commented on What Movie Or TV Show Did Your Parents Not Let You Watch Growing Up, And Why?

    Usually I could watch whatever I wanted but Rocko's Modern Life was blacklisted. My mom was cool with me watching it until one episode where Rocko and Heffer went to a farm and Heffer, who is a MALE, ended up getting "milked" by the farmer who mistook him for a cow. It took me until… 


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    loranp commented on What Misconceptions Do Your Parents Have About Anxiety?

    I wish my Dad realized that there are days that I just can't do something. I have good and bad days. There are days that my anxiety is minimal and I'm able to do almost anything. And then there are days that just leaving the house is enough to set off a panic attack. Just because… 


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    loranp commented on What's The Funniest Thing You've Heard Someone Say In Their Sleep?

    My Mom was known to say things in her sleep. My brother once heard her talking and when he asked what she said she declared 'I'm teaching Oprah to dance!' On a seperate occasion I was sitting next to her and heard her say 'You have to have some pretty big balls to be in this family!' The… 


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