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Why Online Dating Failed You In 2016 And How To Fix It For 2017

Women have certain prerequisites when it comes to online dating. They won't even give you a moment of their attention if they notice these things. Here's how you can balance out the odds so you have a chance to meet women in person.

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You're Under Six Feet

Women have it programmed in their mind that a man who is six foot tall is the desired height. It doesn't matter how short she is. On paper, women deem men that are taller than average as a trophy point. Of course, when a woman walks down the street, she isn't necessarily attracted to the tallest man in the crowd. With that in mind, it's best to deviate from this information on your profile page. It's good to be honest but instead of admitting your height in the first sentence, engage them first. Your photos should be more head shots and any full body photos shouldn't have a height indicator. You know, like your best friend standing beside you who happens to be 6"4. Women don't really care too much about height when they have a good feeling about someone. You just have to get past that point with her before they notice you're not the height of a pro basketball player.

Your Looks Don't Register on The Top 10

The list...not real, but there is a small percentage of men that get noticed in the online dating realm. Women are extra fickle on dating sites because they aren't getting the full meal deal of what a guy is really about. So they seek out guys that they're attracted to physically. Make no mistake, your financial status is also really important. If you're not wealthier than average and your looks aren't average, you're going to have to figure out a strategy. This is personal for all of you out there but it comes down to a really great profile. If you're funny, you have to present that aspect. If you're really interesting due to some specific knowledge, throw it out there. There comes a time where your genuine character will be really interesting for someone out there. Don't be generic. Draw their attention in with your originality.

You're Bald

For some reason this is one of the big deal breakers for women with online dating. It's a strange phenominon really being that women love Bruce Willis? For men that can't own their baldness, there is a solution. In the meantime, how does a guy navigate through the dating process when women are five times less likely to take interest in them? The best advice I've heard is to not let it get to you. You may have tried and failed at online dating, don't start to panic that it's all due to your lack of hair. This is only going to compound the problem. Instead, focus on the parts of you that are great. Put that out there. When it comes to looks, you can overshadow it with your charming personality. Also photos that divert focus from your hair, or lack thereof. Don't mention your baldness as one of your points when describing your physical attributes.

Your Profile is Killing You

Women are picky about spelling errors or sentences they don't understand. They are also disappointed if your profile is too short with no real meaning behind it. Here's a few points. Get your friends to check what you've said, it's good to have feedback. They can also proofread. Don't say anything negative about online dating, yourself or your life. You should have fantastic photos that showcase your lifestyle in different ways. It should include photos of you with your buddies, you doing something you're passionate about, a head shot of you smiling and a full body shot. Nothing cheesy, candid is best. Avoid selfies and pictures of you with other women. Don't think they don't notice that you've cut a woman out of a picture. You have a questionable stance with your arm clearly around somethings waste. Last and most importantly, shirtless in the bathroom mirror selfie makes women gag. It doesn't matter how hot you are.

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