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Stuff To Do When Its Cold As §$&! In Toronto

Toronto is serving up some nasty winter weather in 2017 so far. Here's a little winter guide to keep you healthy, happy and stoked to live in such a diverse and cultural city.

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Freezing Rain Slowing Down Your Commute

This past Tuesday evening, commuters in Toronto had to brave the freezing rain to get home. Toronto traffic is bad enough but when bad weather is incorporated, many commuters are stuck in their car or public transport for hours. Commuters have gotten used to this so they're finding ways to entertain themselves. A current favorite past time is playing your favorite online game. For example, if you're into Game of Thrones, you might want a little pick me up and experience Game of thrones in a different way. Quick distractions while you're waiting in traffic can boost your mood and take away your frustration.

Don't Go Into Hibernation Mode

Yes, it's damn cold in Toronto during the winter months but the city offers up great activities. There's a lot of great concerts going on during the cold months in 2017 including, the Flaming Lips, Bastille and Ariana Grande. There's also some film festivals such as the Black Film Festival and CineFranco. Also, the Top Ten Film Festival is on from January 13 to 26. In February, celebrate the Chinese New Year with a symphony performance. The Winter Folk Music Festival should not be missed in February. See? There's really no reason to stay inside with so many great events going on.

Some Things to Do Inside

Although you should get outside and brave the weather, sometimes you're going to want to stay in and be warm and cozy. Get your Bay blanket and cozy up on the couch and marathon watch your favorite shows. Read a book and take a bath with candles to warm yourself up. Make some heartwarming food and watch a Mapleleafs game.

Indoor Activities In the City

Toronto has a killer scene set up so you can pretty much do activity you would outside, inside. They have indoor beach volleyball courts, indoor rock climbing, spinning classes to keep your biking stamina, indoor skating, curling and even indoor golf. They even have some DIY centers where you can get all the supplies you need and hang out in a cozy spot. There are experts in the DIY business that can help make your project perfect. There's literally no excuse to not get active with so many options.

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